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Games by Online Contributors
Chicken ManTitleWork in progress by V.I.P. Cupboard
FakeoutTestWork in progress by Tom S
Games by Mr. Black
Present DropTestWork in progress
Asteroid DodgerPlay649 KB653 KB1.45 MB
Retro TankPlay215 KB216 KB1.02 MB
Games by the Pupils - Winter 2009 (After School)
Zombie AssaultTestNo sound.
Fighting CityTestNo sound.
Games by the Pupils - Summer 2009 (After School)
Grand Prix 2010Play315 KB318 KB1.12 MB
Well GangstaPlay292 KB297 KB1.10 MB
Games by the Pupils - Summer 2009 (Lunch Time)
M.O.D.E. 1Play200 KB203 KB1.01 MB
Hyper TankPlay489 KB492 KB1.29 MB
Games by the Pupils - Winter 2008
Freaky ShootoutPlay335 KB338 KB1.14 MB
Shopping RushPlay136 KB141 KB972 KB
Zombie ManiaPlay175 KB179 KB0.98 MB
The Last KingdomPlay1.55 MB1.55 MB2.37 MB
Jump!Play671 KB675 KB1.47 MB
Jed In SpacePlay1.03 MB1.03 MB1.85 MB