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The Flash Penguins project file is now available.
The Game 32 project file is now available.
Work has started on Chicken Man: The Game. Please visit the games page.
Voting is now closed! The winner was Fighting City, with a huge 85% of the votes.
Voting is now open! Simply visit our Voting page and follow the instructions.
Both new games are now available to play, but neither has sound effects. Voting will open on February 1st 2010.
We're still working on Zombie Assault and Fighting City, but the work in progress is now available to test. Zombie Assault is almost finished, Fighting City needs a lot more work, and neither game has any sound. Please visit the Games page to test them.
With the site being down for five days, we weren't able to get the games finished on time. We're working flat out to get Zombie Assault and Fighting City finished as soon as possible.
The club games are well under way, and a VERY early demo of Present Drop has been added to the Games page.
A news update is long over due, so here is the news - two teams have formed at the After School Club, and the Lunch Time Club has taken a new direction.
Two teams have submitted games from the after school Game Builders' Club, and three teams have submitted games from the lunch time game builders' club - but which is the best? We're applying the finishing touches at the moment...
Four teams are competing in the lunch time club, while the after school club currently has 2 teams. The after school club teams are using our new Racing Game template, which will be released during the summer holiday.
The lunch time club at Don Valley School has now opened. Four teams will either create a game from scratch or adapt an existing GBC game. We have also updated the Game Template on the Resources page.
Asteroid Dodger is finally finished! Visit the Games page to play or download it.
Congratulations go to the team behind The Last Kingdom! Their game has been voted the best! The full voting results are as follows:
The Last Kingdom:29 Votes
Jed In Space:21 Votes
Freaky Shootout:13 Votes
Shopping Rush:10 Votes
Jump!:9 Votes
Zombie Mania:5 Votes
The prize will be awarded at Doncaster South City Learning Centre at 5PM on Tuesday 13/01/2009
While they might not be the next Halo, Mario or Tomb Raider, all 6 games are now playable on the games page.
If you would like to vote for a game, please visit our forum and sign up.
Next post a message in the Welcome board on the forum.
Next go to the Flash & ActionScript board, and look for the Game Builders' Club Winter 2008 Poll and select the 3 games you like the most.
IMPORTANT! You must choose 3 games. If you choose less than 3 games, your votes will not be counted. This measure is in place to prevent people voting for their game only, which would result in the biggest team winning automatically, and that wouldn't be fair for the other teams.
Then wait until 06/01/2008 for the winner to be announced!
All 6 remaining groups have now submitted their games for final testing and debugging. The final games will be unveiled on the 14/12/2008, when the polls will open at various websites until 06/01/2009. May the best game win!
North Group 2 has now dropped out, but the remaining teams are now very close to completing their games.
This week has seen the South Groups add basic controls to all of their games, and the North Groups are also making good progress in the automated parts of their programming. All of the South Group games are now available to test, but they are still in their early stages. You will need to click on them before they will respond.
South Group 5 has not dropped out after all, and their game is now available to test from the games page. North Group 4 have also made their game available to test, though it is more of a display than an interactive demonstration so far. Asteroid Dodger is also available to test. Note that none of these games are complete yet.
Following the news of the departure of 2 groups yesterday, Group 3 from North has also dropped out, leaving 6 teams in the running for the grand prize. Screenshots of their work in progress will be ready soon.
Two of the South Groups have dropped out of the running, leaving us with Freaky Shootout, Shopping Evil and Zombie Mania. Each of the remaining teams has made excellent progress and have started to code the inner workings of their games.
Both North and South groups have come on leaps and bounds this week, with both sides almost completing their music and artwork, and many of them starting their programming in earnest.
The prize to be awarded to the winning team will be a 50 HMV voucher for each team member, provided they have each attended at least 7 of the 10 sessions. Only the hard workers will win!
The North Groups have continued to focus mainly on their art, animation and music, with work starting on programming and sound effects. North Group 4 has decided on the title of their game - "Jed In Space: Attack Of The Flying Zombie Pigs".
The South Groups have almost completed their initial design phase and are almost ready to start coding in ActionScript.
Also, we have added a new Design page which takes you through the steps of designing a flash game.
The South Groups have continued to work on their music and art. Group 4 has developed many images for their game, and even a music track which has been imported into their Flash Project file!

A quick reminder to all members of the North Groups that all of their sessions will be moved to Wednesdays at 3:15pm. All sessions for the South Groups are unaffected.

This weeks work on Asteroid Dodger has been highly productive. The space man has been drawn, and the controls for the fire extinguisher work excellently. Next we'll add some asteroids.
Work has started on four new games.
  • North Group 1 is working on an untitled game about sneaking past enemies and avoiding traps.
  • North Group 2 is working on an untitled game about defending a tower against an army.
  • North Group 3 is working on an untitled game aimed at young children.
  • North Group 4 is working on an untitled game about culling infected cows.
These games are due to be completed before Christmas 2008.
Work has started on six new games.
  • South Group 1 is working on "Likely To Kill", a game about shooting zombies.
  • South Group 2 is working on "Freaky Shootout", another game about shooting zombies.
  • South Group 3 is working on "Shopping Evil", a game about racing round a shop.
  • South Group 4 is working on "Zombie Mania", yet another game about shooting zombies.
  • South Group 5 is working on "The Last Kingdom", a game about a round hero who can jump.
  • The GBC Staff are working on "Asteroid Dodger", a game about avoiding space rocks while flying as fast as possible.
These games are due to be completed before Christmas 2008, along with the unconfirmed games from the North groups.
Our first game, Retro Tank, is now available. Please visit the newly opened games page to download it. The game is not yet available to play from this site, but we hope to correct this soon.
Our taster session at Doncaster South CLC on the 11th was quite a success. Nine people arrived, with a further three people expressing an interest in coming to the first evening on the 16th.
Unfortunately we only had four people at the Doncaster North CLC session this evening, but we will put the start date back one week to give more people a chance to show their interest.
We have now added a Game Template file for Flash 8. The file includes a pre-loader, a dedicated scene for sounds and a button which may be used for submitting high scores to SMF Arcade installations.
Due to popular demand, we have created a PDF version of the Guide to Flash 8. Please visit the Resources section to download it.
We have now added our very own "Guide to Flash 8" and some Flash 8 samples to go with it. Please visit the Resources section to download them.
The Game Builders' Club will start on Monday 15th of September 2008 at Doncaster North CLC, and on Tuesday 16th of September 2008 at Doncaster South CLC.

This site may look quite basic at the moment, but as the games are being made, this site will come alive!

Each CLC will be host to up to four teams of budding programmers, graphic artists and musicians hoping to be the best team in Doncaster.

Not only that, but they will also face competition from their tutor, who may be more experienced than they are, but is on his own.

May the best game win!